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I'm LEGOlord208, you know, the one this website is about. That's me. Hello!
I like programming and obviously computers.
I create software.
And I play Minecraft. I like command blocks and modelling in Cubik.
I also created a few mods which all sucked.

I have the diagnosis "Asperger's", so prepare for me to be quite awkward if we talk.
My real name is Samuel and I have an ugly voice.

If you want to know why my name is "LEGOlord208", check "History"
in the handy tab above.

If you are here for some software, press the "Software" tab... Obviously...
And if you are a fellow coder and are looking for some neat libraries, press "Libraries" :3

If you are a coder, I might seem a bit weirder to you if we talk, here is why:
I like you. I really do. But for some reason my mind starts screaming "DANGER, DANGER",
and make me all stressed because you are a "competitor", even though I don't even like competitions.
This is something I just have to ignore, and please don't feel hurt about it.
Once we've been friends for a short time and I learn how often you code, what you can do, et.c
I'll definately get more friendly. Hopefully I'm able to hide it so well during my get-to-know period,
so you don't notice it. Because I appreciate friends, I really do.